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(Nasty Art) Hardcore Lesbian action. World renowned erotic artist Irvin Bomb give us glances focused on his artistic flow as he creates six paintings of eleven frolicking women. After a brief introduction to each sitting, Irvin paints away as women perform all sorts of good stuff right in front of him. Dee (well known porn star) and Isis give you a little dark skinned lesbian hotness. Seduction Cinema regulars Darian Caine and Victoria Vega give you a look at something they never do in front of the SC cameras. Ruby and Tiffiny are good friends who share more than what most girlfriends share. Up next, Vanisha shows how a sole woman and a small toy can have lots of fun. Blond bombshells Ava and Natalia continue the toy trend with all sorts of action. Last but certainly not least, Katie Jordan and AJ Kahn, also Seduction Cinema regulars, give Irvin a show he won’t soon forget.
If you dig hardcore lesbian sex, then look no further than Nasty Art: Sexual Strokes. Although Irvin Bomb’s work is world famous, it wasn’t what attracted me to review this DVD. You see, for years I’ve been reviewing erotic spoof flics by Seduction Cinema, whose action is softcore. So for years I’ve been seeing Darian , Victoria , Katie, and AJ perform their softcore wonders. Well, after reviewing this DVD, I wonder no more about their hardcore selves.  However, even without the Seduction Cinema connection, Nasty Art stands on its own two feet and can go toe to toe with other brand name porn studios. Along with the chick action, the inclusion of the painting progress adds a nice, and new, touch to the action as it is rather amazing to see how an artist is able to capture what’s in front of him. Admittedly, I am not a fan of art, let alone erotic art (I wouldn’t know where to hang the stuff!), but I was quite impressed with Irvin’s work. Since Katie Jordan is one of my favorite Seduction Cinema girls, it was “nice” seeing her in this setting and she did not disappoint. However, Ava Vincent (Penthouse, adult flics) came out of nowhere and simply blew me away; Ava, come to me and let me paint you.  The camera work and lighting is great, but the dialog audio is kind of low. I enjoyed this DVD and if you’re still reading this review, so will you…wacko. – Denis Sheehan 



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