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MORGAN SEX PROJECT 2 -(Wicked Pictures) Porn. Approx 120 minutes. Rated X (I assume). Mucho sex/nudity. Porn performers take off from LA for a weekend getaway together. Cunnilingus. Going down on her. Eating her out. I can’t fault any porn flick that has oral sex for her as the first on-screen sex act and that includes so much of everyone working so hard to orally please each other. To my mind and body it’s a damn fine way to start the evening (or morning or afternoon) off. So I give Morgan Sex Project 2 points in the “good suggestions for fun sex” department. Other than that there’s not much to recommend it. Copying The Blair Witch Project’s premise of just some amateurs with a camera, this production (ostensibly) hands the video over to the performers themselves. It quickly goes on to prove that, even in porno, actors come off better when someone gives them their lines. The movie intersperses lots of fucking (duo, trio, and group) with inane black and white footage of the sex crew getting into the RV, stopping at a diner and hitting the ski slopes, a sort of “Friends” on the road home video. I fast-forwarded a lot. If you like genital close-ups for reasons erotic or comic, there are plenty of ‘em, along with truly acrobatic sex in a rolling Winnebago. I could use less of the fake balloon boobs and shaved pubes (both male and female). I got a kick out of noticing small details like who left their socks on, who lost a bright red nail tip and who matter-of-factly pulled the lint off someone’s cock before putting it in her mouth (another good idea for fun sex). - Anita Loomis
         Editors note: There’s a funny ass scene in this movie I just couldn’t let go unnoticed. A woman is sitting on a couch with her head leaning back over the headrest and a well-endowed man comes along and basically straddles her face. He flops his schlong into her mouth and she begins to suck it. However, the woman nearly suffocates because the guys scrotum is covering her nose! Needless to say, the guys scrotum looked like a pillow case. She could have worn it as a mask and rob a bank. I think this is the first example of “tea bagging” suffocation ever caught on film!


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