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(Blue Underground) Collection of various interviews spanning twenty years. 122 minutes. Not rated. Nudity, sexual acts, etc. Midnight Blue was a controversial late night cable show that aired in New York from 1975-2002. This DVD captures all the interviews they aired concerning the legendary porn, Deep Throat. Host Al Goldstein (Screw Magazine publisher) gets down and dirty with “forgotten” Deep Throat actress Carol Connors, DP star and porn legend Harry Reems, director Gerard Damiano, and Chuck Traynor; the often vilified husband and manager of Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace.             
     While I found this DVD somewhat informative, entertaining, and at times hilarious, I honestly do not think anyone other than fans of Deep Throat or the golden age of porn would be interested. For the record, I haven’t seen Deep Throat, but know enough about it to follow the interviews. I found the interview with Harry Reems to be the funniest and most informative and Gerard Damiano’s comments almost make you feel sorry for the poor guy (although Deep Throat has grossed over $600 million, he hasn’t seen penny one). Since Chuck Traynor’s interview is so one sided and his reputation is junk, I am skeptical of what he has to say. With a strip tease by Connors and an unaired piece featuring Lovelace and Reems, the nudity is minimum-hey this aired on cable so what do you expect? Helping to break up the interviews and subject, are the original commercials that aired during the show: massage parlors, escort services, and other sex related services.  Extras include audio interviews with Reems and Damiano. – Denis Sheehan



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