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(Blue Underground) 1970s. 120 Mins. Not rated. In the second volume of Midnight Blue, Blue Underground gives us a slice of life in the 70’s; more specifically, life in the adult world of the 70’s. Midnight Blue was a late night cable show that gave us what no other late night show did. We get interviews with the likes of Marilyn Chambers, Seka, and Georgina Spelvin. There’s a segment showing the down side of porn with two adult stars: Marc (Mr. 10 ˝) Stevens and Helen Madigan. I thought it odd that the two people that were down on porn are dead and both died from sexually transmitted diseases. Annie Sprinkle gives us the lowdown on what to do when your vibrator isn’t working properly. There’s also lots and lots of female flesh on hand.
  The best aspect of the DVD is an extra called ‘Money Shots,’ which pop up throughout the video and tells us where people are today and giving interesting tidbits as the show plays. For example, did you know that the world record for male orgasms in an hour is 16, while the record for a female is 135! The things you can learn from watching adult films. Midnight Blue is a fascinating program that reveals stars that are as interesting off camera as they are on. It shows the golden age of adult television. Where else are you going to see Bobby Astyr and Samantha Fox do a commercial for an isomizer that makes your shitty pot good pot? Only on Midnight Blue. -Douglas A. Waltz



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