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MARIA BEATTY FETISH FILMS; The Black Glove & The Elegant Spanking
(Cult Epics) 1996/1995. Black and white. 30 minutes/45 minutes. Not rated, nudity, sexual situations. In The Black Glove, a woman ties up another woman and erotically tortures her. First up are the nipple clamps and a spinning pointy looking device. Next come the clamping tongs, which are used to expose the woman’s private innards (which actually look like a partially sliced up side of beef), which are then drowned with a fresh coat of hot candle wax. The Elegant Spanking brings us the spanking of and urination on a maid (Maria Beatty) by her naked, and shaved, employer. Whoopsies, how could I forget the foot fetish slobbery?
Reviewing fetish films is an odd adventure. The movie could be a great feat of fetish dominance, but if the viewer isn’t into the fetish explored, then what’s the sense? The two shorts that make up this DVD are well done and drive the point of what they’re all about home. However, the last time I checked, I wasn’t into having hot wax dripped on my vagina, licking feet, having my nipples pinched to the point of rupturing blood vessels, and certainly not having some snail tracks layer pee on my face. On the other hand, if you’re into this sort of dominance and fetish, then you’ll undoubtedly love this DVD. The camera angles offer great insight (in more ways than one) into what’s going on, and there is no dialog to get in the way. Along with what I’ve already written of, other fetishes included; spanking and bondage. Now, does this DVD have what it takes to turn on a non-fetish chick? To be honest, I did feel a little tickle down there, but it didn’t go any further than that. Coochi-coo. -Fiona Skarsgard



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