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(Retro-Seduction Cinema) 1969/2002. Erotic drama/grindhouse. Total disc time 200 minutes. NR, nudity, drug use. This DVD contains the original 1969 Lustful Addiction, directed by Nick Philips, and the 2002 remake directed by Misty Mundae. Both versions depict a drug addicted woman doing what she needs to get her next fix, and by judging the DVD’s title, you should know what it is both women do. 
I’ll comment on the original version first; The movie is in black and white and only offers narration as opposed to dialog. We never get to hear the characters actually speak to one another. At first, I was annoyed by this. However, after thinking about it, I think the point of this was to show how the main female character was really just wrapped up in her own world and the words of others were not all that important. Or perhaps the audio quality sucked so the director inserted the voice over later. The soundtrack made me feel as if I was lounging around a palace in Saudi Arabia, all Middle Eastern sounding (minus the suicide bombing explosions of course).  The nudity and sex scenes are softcore, but there is a lesbian scene that probably had the grindhouse audience clamoring for their boxes of tissues. The Misty Mundae remake follows the same lines, but there is a lot more drug use going one. Being Misty’s directorial debut, I have to give her nothing but praise. She nailed a few scenes right on the head with nice camera angles and implied sexual conduct. Like the original, all the sex and nudity is softcore. The only negative about this flic is the actors tended to over act a bit. Even my sweet Misty went over the top. Extras include bonus sound track cd, an interview with Misty Mundae and “42nd Street Pete (which was pretty cool),” trailers, and even a twelve page booklet. Unless you’re a Nick Philips fan, you can take or leave the original Lustful Addiction. The main reason to buy this DVD is for Misty Mundae. – Denis Sheehan



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