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THE KISSING GAME (Wicked Pictures) Porno. 90 minutes. Rated X, sex. Cunnilingus.  I know Iíve mentioned before that this is a great place to start.  Iíll mention it again.  Cunnilingus, ah!  Happily, Wicked Pictureís The Kissing Game starts with an eat out even before the title credits roll and continues for ninety minutes of sporty fucking including boy/girl, girl/girl and,one of my on-screen favorites, girl/girl/boy.  Still, I like a little plot with my sex games and this film has just that, a little plot: a con runs a con with a con and gets conned. Iím not saying who gets it in the end (and no, thatís not a reference to ass-fucking, Kissing Game is super vanilla), but before itís over, there is a body lying cold on the ground.  As with any game, there are some rules which, when followed, can help you avoid the dangers encountered by our libidinous cast: 1.   Donít cheat on your wife (duh) 2. Take a shower with your lover when she asks you (double duh) 3. Donít answer the phone just after creaming someone's face (what are you a moron?) Iíd say more but I donít want to blow the ending for you. Oh, just one personal beauty tip:  The shaved/penciled/sculpted eye-brow thing has gone on long enough, girls.- Anita Loomis


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