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(Pure Play Media) XXX. 111 minutes. Directed by Robert Herrera. Iím from the world of old school porn.  I can remember when they were shot on film and had storylines.  I can remember the video boom where they were shot on video and they had a storyline.  Lately, all Iíve seen of porn is nothing but sex scenes.  Just unrelated sex scenes and nothing else.  Iím not picky, Iíll settle for the randy housewife and the plumber.  Although categorized as a wall to wall (several sex scenes unrelated to each other) DVD, I donít need a lot of story but some effort should be shown here.
   The sex is adequate, but not all that kinky.  Thereís a little mild bondage, but not real bondage.  We get candle wax on titties and thereís a slender little brunette that really turns my crank.  This disc is a monster with an extra disc loaded with extras.  They do a behind the scene thing that is really just shooting the same scenes from another angle.  Itís like watching the same porn shot by two different people which is exactly what it is.  The Fetish Menu breaks down each womanís scene and then by what particular sex act is being performed. This Robert Herrera is just doing the same old same old that everyone else is doing.  Is it really that hard to put in a little storyline?  -Douglas A. Waltz



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