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KINKY LADIES OF BOURBON STREET (Video Holocaust) 1975. Rated XXX. Directed by Claude "Blood Rose" Mulot (under the alias of Frederick Lansac). When I first got this video, I assumed from the title that it must take place in New Orleans. However, I soon realized there was no Bourbon Street but four very, very kinky ladies. This is a very strange film about four suicidal young nymphomaniacs. As we know from the opening scene, three women committed suicide and their mysterious friend frequently visits the graveyard solely for the purpose of touching herself on the graves of her dead buddies. Charlene is a flight attendant who has a fancy for banging virile young African royalty in the bathrooms of planes. When the Queen (?) breaks up their fuck-and-suck fest, Charlene is fired. Alice is a chambermaid who will screw any married guy that walks into the hotel, but when the she rebukes the butler’s advances she is immediately dismissed from her job. Penelope is the most depressing character of all. She is a young singer whose pimp/boyfriend exploits her to slimy DJs and record execs any way he can. At one point, a greasy DJ takes his gum out of his mouth while fucking poor Penelope and sticks it on her back until he is finished. The fourth woman, who's name is never revealed, is very mysterious and we never really learn about her problems.  As all the girls sit in a hospital room together after their botched suicide attempts, they make a bizarre suicide pact. They decide since the only thing they love in life is sex that will be the way they all die. I guess they were thinking, "You live by the cock, you die by it too!"
      Needless to say, some pretty bizarre things happen throughout the rest of the movie. I don't want to spoil it for all of you eager viewers, but I will highlight some of my favorite scenes; One of the girls is killed by drowning in the cum of a swarthy gang of fat, uncircumcised garbage men!! Another girl dies during a masturbatory suicide mission as a strange dildo (with a fuse!) explodes upon climax. Although deeply depressing, I absolutely loved this movie. It was elegant and ethereal, not to mention the hot sex! Mulot's directing was artistic and superb in every way. The film is filtered through blue and red lenses through much of the movie, reminiscent of Dario Argento or the elder Mario Bava. The setting is perhaps the best part of the movie. The girls live in a blue and purple house filled with mannequins. The walls are painted with psychedelic genitalia and a four foot purple sculpture of a cock stands in the middle of the living room. The hard-core disco and funk throughout the movie also gives it my highest recommendation. Bottom line: if you can ever find this rare gem-grab it before someone else does! – Crystal Ball



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