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(Eclectic DVD) 2000. Sci-fi/porn. 74 minutes. Not Rated. In English and Japanese.  In the future, the Genom Corporation invents a computer chip that will allow great sexual relations for a person without ever touching another human. All one has to do for a good time is hook themselves up to a computer and take in all the enjoyment of virtual sex. In order to get all this sexual, orgasmic data, the Genom Corp has released an army of replicants to engage in various sexual exploits and record the experienced emotions that are later downloaded for usage. Reiko, a sexual data retriever, is hot on the job and carries out her orders to have sex with many people, in many places, in many different forms.
IKU is Blade Runner meets Tron meets any Japanese porno movie, which are then rolled up into the format of a video game. IKU is a 100% digital movie loaded with all sorts of trippy effects and weird information screens. Now, there is a bunch of nudity, including some graphics shots, but all the insertion is optically blurred out or obstructed in some way. The most hardcore scene is a quick male on male “oral treats” shot; there is no blurring or obstruction for this part. If you’re into Japanese women, IKU will surely float the ol’ boat. I must admit, all the digital mumbo jumbo effects did get on my nerves, but the sound and picture quality are truly state of the art. Along with numerous character, actresses, etc info, there are also four deleted scenes included in the extras. If IKU were rated, I am willing to bet it would be NC-17.  Hmmm, a movie to turn on techie nerds? – Denis Sheehan



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