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(Pure Play Media) Hardcore adult XXX. 96 minutes. Join legendary Gonzo adult film maker Seymore Butts as he features a compilation of his favourite sex episodes, all of which star him with hot women. Known for his POV camera work vividly showing anal and squirting (female ejaculation) action shots, Seymore engages you in a carnival of sights you’ve possibly never seen before and most likely never experienced. I’m not going to breakdown every scene as that will ruin the surprises, but trust me when I write that you get a bevy of diverse sexcapades. Grab your best rain coat and join Seymore, Alisha Klass, Taylor Hayes, Shane, Bridgette Kerkove, and McKayla Matthews for an experience you won’t soon forget.
There comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes that no matter how much he’s lived and seen, he hasn’t seen shyt. I watched the first “episode” of I Did Her My Way cockeyed with wonderment and mouth gapping wide open as Alisha Klass’s squirting talent is both awe inspiring and incomprehensible. Seymore’s movies are famous for anal and squirting and this “best of” DVD shows why he is more than successful at his trade. Not to take anything away from the rest of the lovely cast, as they look and perform at venerated levels, but Alisha steals the show with her talent and her “girl next door” looks. Being the jaded bahstud I am, even I was taken aback at how much Alisha floored me. Although Alisha astonished me, the “morning romp” scene with the lovable Shane is most realistic (in my world, anyway) and my favourite. The action is hot, the talent great, the lighting illuminates its intended targets, and the sound will satisfy your sense of hearing.  The POV shooting may seem redundant as you see the same angles over and over, but how can one complain with what Seymore captures with his camera? The extras include a great 30 minute bonus sex scene, trailers, photo galleries, etc. I Did Her My Way is a great introduction to Seymore Butts’ movies. If you’ve already ventured into Seymoreland, then aren’t you mister smarty pants ahead of everyone else. – Denis Sheehan



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