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HARDGORE- (Video Holocaust) 1973. Approx. 65 min. Rated X, porno, gore. Young Maria is committed to Fox Hollows Sanatorium by her Father because she suffers from “uncontrollable nymphomania combined with masochistic tendencies”. While being shown around her accommodations by Nurse Lucy, Maria seduces the nurse and the two engage in a long sensual lesbian session. Later that night, Maria has a nightmare that Lucy is killed and sees devil like visions. She also dreams of blowing a masked man, when suddenly the man’s hard-on is chopped off while she is sucking it, splattering blood all over her face. Thinking the dream seemed too real, Maria is shocked to realize that Lucy has disappeared. For her first treatment, Maria under goes “vibrator therapy” with a powerful electric vibrator and once again seduces the nurse in charge. Just when things are getting good, a mysterious hand appears and turns the vibrator on high severely burning and injuring the poor nurse. Maria jaunts off for help and the nurse is never seen again. Fueled by curiosity, Maria sneaks around searching for clues when she stumbles upon a conversation between the head doctor and an orderly (I think). She overhears the evil the two are planning and tries to run away. Minutes later, she is caught and chained in a room housing the bodies of several dead women. Being the good nympho she is, Maria seduces the doctor and makes love to him amongst the rotting corpses. The orderly meanwhile decides to plow one of the corpses. Maria then becomes part of the sanatorium cult who join together for an orgy with the final, and most gratifying, orgasm being the death of one of it’s members. The fun ends when Maria becomes aware that she is to be the next orgasmic sacrifice and takes matters into her own hands, and a giant ax too.
    This flic is so long lost and hard to find, it was transferred from 16mm to video. The 16mm print wasn’t that great, but the quality just makes this sick porn all the more filthy. I had to fumigate my house after watching this baby. The print is at times grainy, lines appear every now and then, and there are a few hairy edits too. Although not the greatest quality, it is still a very watchable bootleg. The acting is so bad it’s hilarious and all the actors are not very attractive. The production values are ok, but there are a number of times when you can see the microphone popping in from the top of the picture. The demonic devil mask is funny as hell, especially when the guy wearing it is having sex. Even funnier are the demonic voices that litter the film trying to make it appear more sinister. In fact, during the group sex scenes, the devil voice constantly yells “Nirvana!” Too funny! The scene when the guy gets his wennie chopped off is pretty gross. It looked too real! This flic was supposedly financed by a group of physicians who wanted a porno both sensuous and extreme. If you like movies from the golden age of porn, but want something a little more bizarre, Hardgore fills the bill.- Denis Sheehan


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