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FORCED ENTRY- (Video Dungeon) 1972. XXX. 85 minutes.  While working as a gas station attendant, a troubled Vietnam Vet stalks, rapes, verbally abuses, and finally kills his female victims. Our shell shocked Romeo starts off by following a female customer home and watches, while drooling on his huge shiny knife, as she makes love with her husband/boyfriend. After the man leaves, the Vet breaks into the apartment and forces the woman at knifepoint to give him oral sex. As she does, he assaults her with a verbal barrage of racist comments and threats. After she completes the job, the Vet nonchalantly kills her. The Vet returns to work and proceeds to do the same thing with another woman. This time, he analy rapes her and kills her for “Getting his prick all full of shit.” Later, two hippy chicks hook up, get stoned, and indulge in a little lesbian action. Of course, the charming, angry rapist interrupts them. This time however, his verbal assault and threats are useless as the two hippies only laugh and try to love the now confused Vet. Not knowing how to handle the women’s reaction towards him, the Vet completely cracks.
        In Askew Reviews #5, I reviewed a video called Sex Wish and I found it to be perhaps the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen. Well, leave it to Wilson of Video Dungeon to introduce me to this even more disturbing, rancid beauty of a flic. The constant verbal abuse, along with the raping and killing was almost too much. Although all of the Vet’s victims are white, he uses racial slurs to insult them. The threats are no picnic either. Example, while the first woman is giving the Vet oral sex, he says “I’m gonna cut your eyes out and push this knife through the back of your skull!” Yikes.  Throughout the entire movie, the director inserts grainy black and white footage of Vietnam War atrocities to illustrate the conflict inside the Vet’s wasted brain. It was pretty ballsy of writer/director Helmut Richler to use such a touchy subject as The Vietnam War when it was still such a sensitive subject in the early 70s. Although the killing will never win any effects awards, they are still very unsettling due to the nature of the murders. On a lighter note, the dialog between the two hippy chicks is downright hilarious. Every other word out of their mouths are “Like wow” and “you know.” Their four-minute conversation seems like 4 hours. The name of the gas station where the Vet works is called “Joe’s Friendly Service.” However, there are two scenes where you can plainly see a Mobil sign in the background. Can you imagine the lawsuits? Pre Deep Throat star, Harry Reemes, billed as Tim Long, stars as the Vietnam Vet. On a trivial note, Laura Cannon (female lead) was the first hardcore porn star to ever appear in Playboy. There is an R-rated version of this movie, under the same title, starring Tanya Roberts. Excuse me while I go to church and pray for my soul. – Denis Sheehan  


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