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FAMILY BUSINESS: Complete First Season
. (Site) 281 minutes. Three DVDs. Family Business is a reality show that follows single dad Adam Glasser, his Mom Lila, Adamís seven-year-old son Brady, and Adamís 60-year-old cousin, Stevie. This lovable foursome lead seemingly ordinary lives; Adam is looking for the woman of his dreams, Lila tries her best to fix her son up with that woman, Brady is busy being a little boy, and Cousin Stevie is just a flat out character dealing with life. Seem boring? Well, not when you realize that Adam is one of the adult entertainment industry most successful film star, director, producer, and distributor. Not only that, both his Mom and Cousin Stevie work for Adam, aka Seymore Butts. Adding even more intrigue to this story is the fact that Seymore Butts is famously known for anal sex and female ejaculation movies. Not your ordinary porn. Throw in Bishop, Adamís cameraman and editor, a bevy of hot porn actresses, a few other oddballs, and you have one hell of a family business.

            Aside from American Chopper, I tend to dislike all reality tv programs. However, the first time I saw Family Business, I was hooked. The format of the show is a combination of interviews with the characters and camera tag alongs during everyday life of the stars. This series is absolutely hilarious, with most of the humor coming from Cousin Stevie. Witnessing a little of the adult entertainment business side is very interesting to me, as are all the sights often unseen when filming a porn movie. Seeing the interactions and behavior of the actors and actresses is also ďinteresting.Ē  There is a lot of nudity, some of it rather explicit, and many scenes of the sexual nature. The language may make you innocent ones gag. This set includes the ten episodes that make up season one, and a number of entertaining, but short extras. The only downfall to this set is the price, as you only get ten episodes. I trust, and hope that, the second season (which just ended on Showtime) set will contain more content. One canít make up stuff like this. I tried my hardest to think up a clever play with Siskel and Ebertís two thumbs up rating system, but two boobs up or two testicles up just donít cut it, and two penises up seem a tad on the homosexual side. So instead, Iíll just give Family Business a high recommendation and leave the cute play with words up to you. - Denis Sheehan



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