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ESSENTIALLY DEE..AND JULI TOO (Wicked Pictures) Adult Entertainment. Rated X. Approx 2hrs 10 min.  The purpose of this video is to introduce us to Dee, an absolutely stunning light skinned Black woman who just happens to be a porn star. This is done by sandwiching (my favorite position with my girlfriends) conversations with Dee and Juli between various acts of hot sexual conduct. The first sex act has Dee and Juli utilizing “the sex swing” to pleasure each other’s every sexy nook and cranny. The sex swing is a bunji cord like device, which hangs from the ceiling that holds one person. The lucky person is suspended in mid air, but can move as if she just hovering there. Juli and Dee really get into using this great toy and I think I’ll give myself one of these sex swings as a present for Christmas. Just as Dee and Juli finish up, in come two knockout blonds and all four dive headfirst in to a tongue-tiring orgy. To cap off this lesbian dream, the girls all take their turn on another sex toy device called “the sibian.” The sibian look like a horses saddle with a vibrating dildo sticking out of the top. You use it by squatting down onto the dildo and use a control device to get the perfect movement and vibration of the dildo. A blond braided babe has such an orgasm on this thing, I was forced to call my girlfriend over to help me release my tension. This was my favorite part of the movie because of the all woman team and wonderful toys. Next up, Juli and Dee travel to Budapest in search of a beautiful Hungarian girl to play with on film. Whew, and they find a beauty! As Dee screws around with a man, Juli and the Hungarian woman do everything possible to each other to achieve orgasm. Too bad for Dee, she doesn’t know what she missed. Dee eventually has the man finish up, on her back no less. Our next adventure gets a little colorful as Dee, Juli, and another sexy girl take on two black men. Every position is tried until both men give the open mouthed girls a facial. One man releases so much cum, he could have put out a small forest fire. Amazingly, even the girls had to comment on the squirt heard around the world. Next, is your not so typical gorgeous brunet banging a skinny, dopey looking Black guy. This Black man has such a huge penis, it not only nearly chokes the woman as she sucks it, but he has to yell “timber” when his erection wilts. I’ve never seen a penis that big in my life, and I once worked as an elephant trainer. As much as I was impressed with the huge cock, I wouldn’t let him near me fearing he would split my size 3 body like a lumberjack splits a log. The next scenario has an odd little twist to it. Dee plans to watch as her husband does another sexy Hungarian woman. The scene starts off ok, albeit awkwardly, but soon turns a bit sour when Dee gets up and walks away. Dee can easily see that her husband is nervous and decides to walk out. Juli then takes her place and watches the rather brief sex encounter. After the scene, Dee, Rob, and Juli discuss their feelings and why things went wrong. Dee was obviously upset about the entire thing and eventually told Rob that he smelled and to take a shower. I’m guessing that he stunk of the girl’s perfume and was repulsed by it. This conversation had a definite uneasiness about it. To close the movie out, Dee and Juli share a beautiful Swedish looking girl named Mae. I would kill for a chance with this girl. This scene ended rather abruptly and left me a bit disappointed. I had to use my great imagination to finish myself off.
       Admittedly, I am a big fan of porn movies and have been for some time now. However, I really enjoyed this one because of the way the filmmakers made you feel intimate with Dee, and on a lower level, Juli. As with most porns, you just see the people having sex and that’s it. Not here. I really felt like I was getting to know Dee and that made the sex scenes all the better. Due to the lack of porno music, we get to hear every moan, slap, thrust, and moistness to be heard. The sounds are very erotic and I commend the boom operator. The camera angles and lighting also make it possible to see everything you want to see. Too bad this one wasn’t shot in 3D! All the girls in this movie are so gorgeous and are a sure bet to find their way back into my masturbatory acts. The men are nothing to look at, but I do not know a single person who watches these kinds of movies for the men. They are simply a pawn to enhance the beauty of the women. On second thought, you won’t be able to help yourself stare at the human tree trunk. On a funny note, I noticed a very creative job title as the end credits rolled; Chief “do all the icky jobs” Officer. You have to wonder what this job entails! This is a very fun and entertaining adult movie. I highly recommend it. XXOO. -Fiona Skarsgard


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