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EMANUELLE IN AMERICA (Blue Underground) DVD. 1976. 100 minutes. Not Rated, nudity, hardcore sex, slight gore. Emanuelle (Laura Gemser), an investigative photojournalist, jumps feet first into a harem looking for a story. However, Emanuelle’s knack for intrigue leads her down a path of sex, orgies, and snuff films.
While watching the first half of this movie, I wondered why the DVD case read “contains graphic sex” as what I saw for the first 50 minutes was nothing but softcore action. However, something happened at that magical 50-minute mark because the action suddenly turned into hardcore sex. This action really struck from out of nowhere. After riddling you with some softcore and hardcore, director Joe D’Amato then tosses some nasty gore into the picture. ‘Twas like I was watching three different movies, really. Oddly enough, but not all too surprising, none of the main characters partake in the hardcore action; brought in the slobs, they did. Outside of the nudity and sex, there really isn’t much else going on here. Then again, if you are expecting more from an “Emanuelle” movie, you’re crazier than a…umm…a wicked crazy person. Extras include an interview with the director, and audio interview with Ms. Gemser, poster/still gallery, etc. Oh, I suppose I should make my typical chauvinist comment pertaining to the Laura Gemser; put on some weight! Weird. – Denis Sheehan



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