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(Pure Play Media) 140 minutes. Starring Dillan Lauren, Lucy Lee, Amber Peach, Mari Posa, Christie Lee, Vikki Vette, Hershel Savage, Kurt Lockwood, Alex Sanders. With camera in hand, Seymore Butts wonders around his house continuously “interrupting” various guests engaged in sexual hijinx and milk squirting. Anal action rules the day, with even Kurt Lockwood getting an arsefull of chick finger and tongue. After Lucy Lee fills Mari Posa’s ass with milk, Herschel gets a shower that would kill a lactose intolerant person.
As usual with Seymore Butts’ stuff, every angle of the action is beautifully captured and nothing is left to the imagination. Of course, fans of anal will love Cracked with its anal heavy action. The women are hot and perform like champs, especially the milk shooter herself, Mari. The milk squirting is interesting to write the least, but I didn’t find the least bit sexual. Pepsi shooting on the other hand… Extras include a twenty-three minute behind the scenes featurette, trailers, etc. You have to love how Seymore is able to consistently produce whacky stuff while keeping things hot and fun; like one big sexual carnival. – Denis Sheehan



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