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: Wet-n-Wild 10
(Pure Play Media)  120 minutes. XXX. First, a little history about Cousin Stevie. Stevie is Seymore Butts’ cousin, employee, and co-star of the great Showtime reality show, Family Business. Cousin Stevie is one hell of a character and has released a line of adult DVDs that mirror his personality; fun, at times belligerent, crazy, and sometimes unexplainable. Wet-n-Wild 10 is definitely all of those four adjectives. Stars Kelly Wells, Anastasia Pierce, Sammie Rhodes, Angela Stone, Kami Andrews, Julie Night, Annie Cruz, and Mia Bangg. 
Cousin Stevie has invited eight porn actresses to compete in a contest to be judged by some lucky bystanders. The goal of the contest is to be the girl judged the hottest by doing whatever the hell she can, wants, and will to be crowned winner. The eight women come together and engage in an orgy that leaves the floor wetter than a New Orleans suburb. I honestly do not want to give away details concerning what these women do, but trust me, you will not believe your eyes. The women insert any and everything that is not bolted down into their pussies and asses, most while squirting from orgasm. You think it hurts when the doctor sticks one finger up your ass? One woman takes in twenty fingers, while another a Louisville slugger! While I am sure there are those who get turned on by this stuff, I found it to be less of a turn on and more of an insane sexual spectacle that must be seen to be believed. I am not going to mention the winner, but I think Kelly Wells got ripped. Any woman who can bend like that gets my vote, and she bears an uncanny resemblance to a friend of mine. The action in the main feature is all girl on girl, but the extra bonus scene does include a man. Other extras include a behind the scenes featurette, interviews, trailers, and bios. If you’re looking for a great stag flic for a bachelor party, this is the one. Holy cupcakes! – Denis Sheehan



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