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CENTERSPREAD GIRLS (Video Holocaust) 1982. XXX. Approx. 90 minutes.  A group of Moral Majority Zealots is trying to stop the publication of a Playboy like magazine called “Panther.” The Zealots, an ex porn star, a minister type guy, and a politician, take up a character assassination campaign and plan to air their grievance on television. In the hopes of helping Sue, the owner of Panther, past models for the mag come together and vow to bring the Zealots to their knees and expose them as hypocrites. Like soldiers on a mission, the women head out and engage is various sexual acts with numerous people in order to accomplish their goal. One by one they pick off their opponents and gather evidence to bring the Zealots to their knees.
         This is the kind of porn that makes a guy like me feel good about himself for a number of reasons. Firstly, in all the guy/girl scenes, the guys cum quicker than Rosie O’Donnell running out the door after hearing the ice cream truck bell. Secondly, unlike the “actors” in today’s porn, the men are not hung like water buffaloes. Ah yes, to feel sexually adequate is a nice thing. Other than it’s rather amusing plot and numerous, and quick, sex scenes, there isn’t really anything that sticks out (no pun intended) in this flic. One can easily tell the when in time this one was produced due to the designer jeans and Charlene Tilton hairdos. I really enjoyed watching these 80’s chicks go at it because I never got laid in the 80’s (I was too young in the early 80’s and too much of a dork in the late 80’s) and never enjoyed sex with any 80’s girls. So that’s what its like to have sex with a woman who has feathered hair! This is one of those raunchy, goofy porns that may piss off some hardcore serious porn fans. Me, I enjoyed this one. – Denis Sheehan


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