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(Pure Play Media) 120 minutes. Rated X. Before departing for St. Maarten, Seymore Butts interrupts Flower Tucci as she anally bangs a black guy. Of course, Flower squirts a shower that covers not only the bed, but the camera filming the squirt (this scene was caught on the reality Showtime Show Family Business that aired 4.28.06). Upon arriving in St. Maarten, Seymore quickly discovers a bevy of women who spread buttcheeks for anyone, anywhere, and for anything. He also finds before him, Mari Possa as she certainly finishes what she begins. 
While the background scenery is nice, the fact that this porn was shot in St. Maarten really doesn’t add to the release’s over all enjoyment. Hell, it could have been shot in my backyard for all I care! I wish. The action is loaded with anal play, with Mari Possa, Samantha Ryan, and Amber Peach doing the Caribbean legwork. One thing annoyed me to death; someone has to tell Seymore to knock off with the long drawn out moaning when taping POV blowjobs. Since the camera is right next to his mouth, so is the microphone and boy is that sound annoying. Sounds like something from a Japanese horror movie. You will not find slow, romantic love making here. The action is fast, furious, and down right sleazy. Oh, being a bottle has never looked so fun. Extras include a behind the scenes featurette and trailers. – Denis Sheehan



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