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I know some fans of Bettie Page visit this site; check out this trailer of The Notorious Bettie Page.
(Cult Epics) Three DVDs. Total 225 min. Not rated, nudity, bondage. Black & White/color. With her girly yet dominant looks and “womanly” body, Bettie Page was the 1950’s top pin up queen whose popularity still flourishes today. From bathing suits to bondage and burlesque, Bettie was, and still is, loved by men and women worldwide. “Pin-Up Queen” includes three feature length burlesque films (Striporama, Varietease, Teaserama) and several shorter bonus films. “Bondage Queen” includes twenty-five short films featuring bondage, modeling, etc. “Pin Ups from the 50’s and 60’s” offers over 200 photographs of models photographed by famed photographer Bunny Yeager, who also narrates.
Although I am not a fan of Bettie Paige or the type of modeling she performed, I can appreciate what she did and why fans will love this collection. What Page did in the 50’s took guts and for her to exceed at what she did proves that she is indeed a special model. After all, it’s been approx 50 years since she did this stuff and her pin-ups, pictures, and films are still highly popular and collected. The Bunny Yeager DVD offers a bunch of pictures of models I’ve mostly never heard of, but what the hell do I know? You’ll find zero hardcore action or pictures here, you insufferable loon. This is a great box set for the Bettie Page fan, Bunny Yeager fan, as well as fans of this old style/type of modeling. I can see a lot of people clamoring for this set. – Denis Sheehan



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