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(Cult Epics) aka La Bete. 1975. Erotic French flic. Approx 90 minutes. NR, nudity, sexual situations. A cute woman travels to a French estate to marry a member of a crumbling aristocratic family to hopefully carry on the once venerated name. Upon arrival, the woman’s dreams revive a two hundred year old legend of a horny beast that lives in the woods.  
To be honest, I requested this DVD from Nico at Cult Epics due to its cover. That side view of the woman pictured on the cover is my favorite part of a woman. If a woman’s leg/thigh/waist/butt cheek side view look hot, like the DVD cover (minus the gash on her leg), then denis likie. Hell, if a woman fits the description in the previous sentence, she could look like Dom DeLuise and I wouldn’t care. On to the movie; the plot is stupid and I have no idea if this movie was meant as an erotic fairly tale joke. The Beast runs around sporting a full husky and attacks a frightened woman, who eventually enjoys the sexual experience. Even though the scene is shot somewhat explicitly and the woman is fairly hot, the entire episode fails to be erotic due to the ridiculousness of the Beast and his “oozing” schlong. Outside of the beast sex, there are a few other sex scenes that may ignite something in your sexually frustrated self. Oh, I could have done without the horse breeding mating scene. Either The Beast was made to confuse the viewer, or the filmmakers had one too many Twinkies before taking on this project. Definitely a fucked up flic.- Denis Sheehan

12.01.2004 note: Cult Epics has re-released The Beast as a three DVD set. The set includes the originally released version, a director’s cut, and a third disc loaded with movie features; interview, making of, stills, etc.



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