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THE RAPE OF AN AMERICAN SLUT- (Video Dungeon) 1972. Porn. Approx. 90 min. Rated X, hard core sex. Marilyn, a pretty American woman, is kidnapped in Paris and raped by a high profile pimp over a three-day period. Marilyn just happens to fall in love with that very same man, Lucifer, who raped her. Because she slightly resembles Marilyn Monroe (and I mean slightly), Lucifer is able to pimp out Marilyn and make a fortune. To make life more fun, Lucifer sells his wife into sexual slavery and starts to fall for Marilyn himself. Just when things are going great, a rival pimp named Caesar kidnaps Lucifer and bribes Marilyn into working for him. Well, she does because of her love for Lucifer. However, she cunningly tricks Caesar and saves her true love, Lucifer.
        Ok, before you get all worked up, there is nothing that even resembles anything close to a rape in this movie. There is a little rough sex, but who doesn’t like that now and then? It appears that someone made a fairly decent porn flic and gave it a title to stir up some controversy. The only mention of rape is when a narrator, if you can believe that, states “Marilyn was raped over a three day period.” With that out of the way, lets get back to the actual content. There is more sex in this movie than 10 of today’s porn flics put together. The first 18 minutes alone had about 5 sex scenes. If you’re looking for weak plot, tons of sex, funny ass dialog, and clothing styles that will have you puking laughter, buy this flic. This porn was dubbed in English, and at times had subtitles of some language I’ve never seen.- Denis Sheehan


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