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FOREVER: XXX-Treme Special Edition (Synapse Films) 130 minutes. Not rated, but would be rated XXX. This DVD is solely made up of 46 (forty-six) trailers for some of the raunchiest adult flics this side of a peep show janitor’s mop and bucket. The action is 100% hardcore and includes a bevy of well known and not so well known porn stars. Even the seasoned porno vets will double take a few of these trailers; some whacky, dirty, skuzzy stuff over here. The trailers have been re-mastered and all that high tech mumbo jumbo, but they still have that scratchy grindhouse look and feel that that are an absolute must for this kind of fantastic swill. The trailers can be played in an uninterrupted viewing or cherry picked and played singularly.  I suppose I could list a few of the trailers, but would it really make a difference? The only thing missing from this fine collection are dates of the movies, but I’d guess they span the 70’s into the early 80’s. This DVD is superb for the porn fan with a short attention span. While watching, ehem reviewing, this DVD, I swear I saw a man wearing an overcoat pass by my tv. – Denis Sheehan

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